Food Fetish Fantasies Brought To You By LDW Group
per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Mixing Food Play With Your Fetish

by Ms. Violet of

Food Fetish play is not only exciting, messy, and fun. It also blends really well with many other fetishes. If you have not tried adding an element of food fetish play into your sessions, let me give you some ideas to consider.

Guided Masturbation and Food Fetish Fantasies

A natural combination is guided masturbation and food fetish play. You can stroke into food, or stroke with food. Either one is a surprising, sensuous delight. I suggest gathering a soft squishy food like yogurt, a more firm food like hummus, and a warm food like a bowl of oatmeal.

of these foods will provide a different texture, and experience. I predict you will be gasping with delight, rock-hard, and enjoying every moment of this. This will be true whether you choose to thrust your cock into the food, or get the food on your hand and stroke with it.

CFNM and Food Fetish Fantasies

Another fun combination is CFNM and food fetish play. You will be completely naked on cam, for my viewing pleasure. I will be fully dressed, watching you very closely. You will have a variety of foods at hand. I suggest either setting a theme, or having a good mix of items.

If you go for the theme, such as dessert night, you gather food fetish play items that fit that theme. For dessert night, you might have chocolate sauce, softened ice cream, spray whip cream, crushed nuts, maraschino cherries, and crushed pineapple. I will be directing you which food to use, in what order. First, telling you to squirt that chocolate sauce all over your chest. Then, having you use your hands to rub it around. Spread out plastic sheeting for this type of session.

If a theme is not for you, gather something that squirts, something you sprinkle, something warm, something cold, something fun to sit on, like a decorated cake. You will need to spread out plastic sheeting for this type of session too.

Your naked body will slowly be coated in food. I suggest you have a mirror nearby so you can admire the food fetish play work of art your body will become.

Cum Eating and Food Fetish Fantasies

If you are into cum eating, that works beautifully with food fetish play. You will be directed to cum onto a cookie or cracker, and eat it. Consider cumming onto a slice of cake or pie; or topping chocolate pudding with a hot load. Then you can take bites, to make the fun last.

Just as with other fetishes, you can also cum into food and eat it. Some items I suggest for this type of food fetish play are cream puffs, filled donuts, and bonbons.

Or, you can cum into a warm calzone; filling it with your creamy cum, then having you take a nice big bite. Yum. It will excite you, leaving you hungry for more. Eating your cum like that is so very taboo, which just drives your excitement level higher.

This is just a small sample of the fetishes that go well with food fetish play. Use your imagination and gather some fun foods. Then all it takes is a call!