Sploshing and Food Fetish Fantasies Phone Sex


Food Fetish, Wet & Messy Fetish, and Sploshing Erotica


Do you have food fetish fantasies? We hope you enjoy this collection of erotica pertaining to all things food fetish from using food as sex toys to food fucking to sploshing to the wet and messy fetish and more.

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Mistress Delia explores various erotic food fetish fantasies, sploshing, and the wet and messy fetish, or WAM, in Sexy Food Play.

Ms. Marlena gives a brief overview of food play and sploshing, focusing on the sensory experience and humiliation in Food Play and Sploshing.

Mistress Constance talks about food fucking and the best foods and methods for doing so.

Ms. Rachel talks about the food fetish and explains some of the common food fetish terminology.

Mistress Faythe discusses some of the lesser-known fetishes pertaining to food.

Ms. Sophia discusses the many different ways a variety of foods can be used as sex toys in Food as Sex Toys.

Mistress Violet discusses ways to incorporate food play with your favorite fetish.

Ms. Piper explains the many ways you can indulge your food fetish on a food fetish fantasies phone call.

Mistress Christine discusses adding cum to your food fetish fantasies.  Continue reading Sploshing Fun with Cum.

Do you have a sploshing fetish? Or a WAM (wet and messy) fetish? Not sure? Never heard of sploshing? Well keep reading to found out what this extremely messy and fun fetish is! Read What Is Sploshing?

Did you enjoy reading all about the food fetish? Give one of our Phone Sex Mistresses a call, today to explore your food fetish fantasies!