What is Sploshing?


Do you have a sploshing fetish? Or a WAM (wet and messy) fetish? Not sure? Never heard of sploshing? Well keep reading to found out what this extremely messy and fun fetish is! Sploshing is a sexual fetish where anything messy or wet gets applied to the body – naked or clothed. These messy substances can range from food items to massage oils.


What kind of foods could be a turn on as you have it rubbed and smashed into your body? Anything that may feel erotic to you, of course! Cakes, puddings, baked beans, yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream and the list goes on! Also, sitting in big cakes, pies and other types of pastry can feel exhilarating, messy and sexy as you feel it being spread across your legs and your most private of areas. Mmmmm, and just think, you can always get someone to kiss and lick it off of you – another addition to having chocolate cake or chocolate pudding rubbed all over you. Remember that sploshing is almost always more fun with someone else joining in the fun.


Never Look at Whipped Cream the Same Way Again


Speaking of chocolate cake, I remember a time when I had a very rich boyfriend and we were staying at this five star hotel. He decided to order everything on the room service menu for dinner. Instead of eating any of the food, we decided to have sex in it! What I liked most were the mashed potatoes and gravy and the warm peach cobbler! Although, I must admit that I can’t eat either of these things anymore without thinking of that night in that hotel. We made a huge mess and had to pay for new sheets and mattress pad because we figured out the hard way that chocolate pudding stains are kind of permanent. So the lesson that we learned was if you’re going to have a sploshing session in a hotel room use lots of towels and washcloths. They are easier, less expensive to replace and the hotel staff is not nearly as pissed off at you.


Other substances such as oil, fruit juice, beer can also be classified under the wet and messy category. Some people enjoy also having these poured all over them. These are best done in the shower or bath tub where clean up is easier, and, again, a lot of fun with a partner involved either getting wet and messy with you, or telling you what to rub on your body. I have had sessions with clients that like everything from pesto to ice cubes to freshly made mud. I love to use mud because it is also great for the skin. I see it as a bonus to get a mud body wrap without having to pay for it. That and good sex make for a great afternoon!


I would suggestion trying at least some of your favorite food and anything that you find tactilely pleasing. This means anything that might feel good to touch might feel good to do other things with. Please use good sense if you decide to do this with anything and make sure to wash it off thoroughly after your finished playing with your partner. When I splosh with my boyfriend the shower afterwards just continues the fun!


Adventures in Gelatin


Gelatin is one of those in between substances. A friend of mine loves jello baths. That is where you mix bulk bought plain gelatin (or you can use the different flavors, if you like) and fill a bathtub with it and water. He really enjoyed it, but the mixture was so thick that it caused the bathtub drain to clog. So be careful not to do this. He and his girlfriend had to call a plumber to come and unclog the drain and also had to answer a lot of questions!


If you are looking for a Mistress who is into sploshing, check out the Mistresses at Food Fetish Fantasies who can assist you in what you are looking for, and provide with a list of ingredients. They can email you this list or make a unique audio that you can keep. The Mistresses also love to watch on cam if you want to show them how you get wet and messy. They can also talk to you, tell you stories of their sploshing adventures and even give you ideas and tips on how to make your next foray into this interesting fetish the best you’ve ever had!


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