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Sploshing Fun With Cum

by Ms. Christine of

Sploshing is such a fun fetish, isn’t it? Using food to get some kind of sexual pleasure. I think you might be limiting yourself though. You play with your food, finding new and interesting ways to stroke with it, using it as lube, trying to turn it into some deranged type of Fleshlight or using it to train yourself to suck cock, or become a bottom bitch. Tell me though, have you ever thought of adding cum to your food fetish fantasies?

An Accidental Food Fetish Filling?

I bet you went just a little too far with using that snack cake as a pocket pussy and added your own creamy filling! In fact, thats really how some of my cum eating pets started eating their own jizz. They blasted off on some sort of food and thought, “Hey, what the hell, let’s see how it tastes!” Mixed in with all that sweet, delicious filling was a nice warm load of spunk – and it didn’t taste all that bad! Next thing you know, another cum junkie is born! That’s where it starts, but there are so many other ways to add cum play to your sploshing fetish.

Splooge As A Sauce

You can drizzle it right over your main course – a thick, juicy steak or even a nice breast of chicken. You know what another name for cum is? Nut butter! So why not use it just like butter and start off your morning with some on your toast or bagel? And of course, it can always end up as that special icing, all over your cupcake or donut. What a sweet dessert!

You'll Need Something To Drink With Your Food...

Well, you can always use your cock cream in your coffee, now can’t you? A floater of cum on top of your cocktail gives it that special, high class look, don’t you think? Of course, you’re going to need some ice cubes for that refreshing cocktail, so how about getting your rock off in those rocks? Cum cubes anyone? You know, they say people who chew ice cubes are sexually frustrated…kind of gives you a new outlook on that notion, when those ice cubes are made out of jizz, doesn’t it?

Sploshing Fans Enjoy Food Fetish Fucking

I know some food fetishist who like to get a pair of nice, ripe honeydew melons out, and lick and suck them like they’re a sexy, bountiful pair of breasts. Or they even use them to pretend they’re getting a titty fuck! How about this time, you also practice licking cum off your partner’s body? Go ahead, get all worked up, get to the edge and go ahead and cover them with a big load of jizz. Now, a classless guy would just get up and leave. You’re a gentleman though, aren’t you? Of course you are, so go ahead, start licking and clean up after yourself.

When you’re ready to add some cum play to your sploshing fun, go ahead and give one of us fellow food fetishists a call!

Sessions are per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only. Block sessions are available for $150. Please see the "Sessions" section on the menu at the top of this page for more information on sessions, billing, and alternate payment methods.