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Food Fetish Fantasies Brought To You By LDW Group
per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Sexy Food Play

by Ms. Delia of

Ms. Delia will never tell you not to play with your food. Fetish food play is a lot more than 9 1/2 Weeks - covering strawberry with whipped cream and honey, licking it sensuously and letting it drizzle over your body to find every crack and crevice. Get up close and personal with your food.

Of course, you can go with the obvious - cucumbers, zucchinis, kielbasa and hot dogs, anything phallic, really, to practice your cocksucking skills and open up that ass for my strap-on! That's fun, for sure, but so pedestrian. Let's see if we can come up with some more...interesting ways to play with your food.

Foods for Masturbation

Let's start with masturbation. Pastry is always fun. Grab a Twinkie and slide your hard throbbing cock inside that creamy filling. Feeling a little classier (huh, imagine that, a classy slut!)? How about a Bavarian Cream donut - or a salute to my hometown, the Boston Creme! The filling works so well as lubricant, doesn't it? And of course, you can always go with a classic apple pie - just don't make the mistake of heating it in the microwave first!

Speaking of fruits, grab a melon or a citrus fruit for some extra tingle. It's so much more fun than your Fleshlight. If you prefer to eat your fruit at breakfast, try a banana - you can jerk off with the peel! What feels so much better is if you only eat about half of it. Notice the shape? Sort of meant to be, don't you think?

Speaking of breakfast, how about some cum eating food play? Ran out of icing for that danish? One of the best calls I ever had was with a cum eater who frosted his cinnamon rolls with cum. Yummy! You can always make your own cafe au lait - or should that be cafe au cum? Make like a barista and you can put little creamy designs in your coffee! After a hard day at work, why don't you make yourself a nice "cock"tail - with some cold cum cubes. Mmmmmmm, sounds refreshing!

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Sessions are per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only. Block sessions are available for $150. Please see the "Sessions" section on the menu at the top of this page for more information on sessions, billing, and alternate payment methods.