Lesser-Known Food Fetishes & Fantasies


When we’re talking about food fetishes, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be things like wet and messy (WAM) play, sploshing, and feederism. Now, those are all perfectly lovely things to do with food. But they aren’t the only things you can do with it. So I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some of the lesser-known food fetishes and fantasies out there. Who knows? You might find something that piques your interest!

One of the acts that you may be familiar with (especially if you’ve ever, you know, attended college) is body shots. Bet you didn’t know that counts as a type of food fetish. Did you? Well, it does if it turns you on when you’re doing it… which is kind of the point, really, so yes, it’s definitely a food fetish.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of body shots, there are several variations. One involves licking salt or sugar off the body of another person. It might include taking a wedge of lime or something similar from the other person’s mouth, too. After that, taking a shot of liquor from a shot glass. Other variations involve picking the shot glass up from the other person’s body with your mouth. Or you might even pour the liquid on them so that you lick up every drop.

Nyotaimori and Nantaimori

Speaking of licking things off one’s body, another somewhat similar thing is the Japanese practice of Nyotaimori and Nantaimori. It’s basically turning a person into a living sushi platter. The person’s body is covered with various pieces of sushi and then presented to a group of guests. The guests may pick up the pieces of sushi with their fingers, with chopsticks, or with their mouths. It’s called “Nyotaimori” when a woman is used as the platter and “Nantaimori” when a man is used.

Incidentally, I find that Nantaimori works very well as a form of CFNM. Just turn the man into a sushi platter for an entire Femdom party.

Food Fetishes and Crushing

Sometimes, food fetishes cross over with crushing fetishes, which creates some more exciting fantasies. Some men enjoy watching a woman slowly crush, say, a raw egg underneath her foot, sometimes in high heels and sometimes barefoot. This can be done with just about any food that, when stepped on that makes a mess. This can be combined with a foot fetish, too.

That leads us to the last thing on the list. This is a fetish which is a subset of the food/crushing fetish crossover: Cake-sitting.


Yes, it is indeed exactly what it sounds like. Guys who are into this get off on watching beautiful women, clothed or not, sit down on frosted cakes. If they are naked, they would squish the sugary treats beneath themselves, getting frosting all over their nether regions. It may sound a little bit silly, but it can be pretty sexy when it’s done right. Of course, there is also cleaning up of the mess. Fun all by itself!

As you can see, there are a number of food fetishes besides the common WAM, sploshing, and feederism fetishes. This essay only focuses on a few of them (otherwise, we’d be here forever). But there are definitely a lot of them out there.  Let’s acknowledge those discerning fans !

Happy Food Fucking Everyone!

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