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Food Fucking Fun

by Ms. Constance of

There are some men who enjoy sticking their dicks in unconventional things to get off, such as food. Food fucking can be fun and messy and silly and exciting- especially when done with a partner who enjoys watching a guy get off on food.

Fruits to Fuck

start off with melon- yes melon; honeydew or even a watermelon or cantaloupe is always a fun fruit to fuck. What you need to do is find a nice ripe one that is firm yet soft. Once you have your new fruit fuck partner safely back at home, you need to cut a hole big enough for your cock to fit into it.

Be sure to pull out enough of the melon from the hole for your dick to be able to get fully buried into it. Now you have your fresh fruit to fuck and you can slip your cock in and pound that melon till you explode inside!

You can also use a banana to fuck, but hear me out- not the actual fruit, but the peel of the banana. Simply find a banana you like and that is long enough to be sure your cock gets full coverage and peel it being sure not to rip off the peel. Remove the banana and simply stick your dick in the peel and fuck away.

Fruit fucking can be messy and juicy and not just your cock juices so be prepared to clean up that mess- you'll have lots of sticky clean up to do. For those of you who like the idea but not the mess, simply stick a condom on that cock before fucking that fruit.

Random Foods to Fuck

Now let’s get into some random foods for you to fuck such as a pie or cake. A warm apple pie can be very stimulating as you plunge your hard horny cock inside but do be cautious and that is it is warm NOT hot!

Cake is messy but fun and you can plunge that dick into a layer cake and feel it surround you as you fuck that cake nice and hard. This is another messy one- expect cake crumbs and frosting to be everywhere!

Peanut butter is also a fun thing to fuck, buy a jar of your favorite creamy peanut butter (buy crunchy if you like that roughness hehehehe) and simply stick your hard cock deep into the jar watch as the peanut butter oozes out the deeper you go…what a nutty mess you will be after fucking it hehehehehe.

Vegetables you can stick your dick in

Eggplant is a fun veggie to fuck, and just like the melon, you simply cut out a hole and empty some of the eggplant out of the hole and have a good time fucking it. I have seen it get very messy so be sure to get an eggplant that is very firm or it will just fall apart after a few short fucking thrusts.

A squash is another fuckable vegetable you can enjoy sticking your cock int. What you need to do is find a nice fat one and as with the melon and eggplant you core out a hole and just simply stick your dick inside and let the fucking begin!

Safety and food fucking

Please remember to consider your safety, never heat something up and then go right to fucking give it time to cool down and remember the skin on your cock is sensitive and you must play wisely.

Wear a condom so the item you are fucking does not enter into your cock and be sure to pay attention to your body’s reaction to the food. Any rash or such should be taken care of right away.

Happy Food Fucking Everyone!

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