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Food Play:  An Informal List of Terms

by Enchantrix Rachel of

Are you curious about food play?  Are you knowledgeable about your own kinks, but wondering what else is out there?  Are you confused about the distinctions?  This is an informal glossary of terms, which means that isn't meant to be exhaustive, but will at least give you some trail heads from whence to launch further exploration.

sitophilia:  The formal term for "food fetish".  This term is a good umbrella, because it leaves room for interpretation as to the situation, the type of interaction with the food, and the food or type of food itself.  I suppose it's not much different from simply saying "food fetish", which can have the same general (erotic) connotation but if you want to get nerdy about it at a cocktail party, now you'll know the term!

WAM:  a.k.a. Wet And Messy, refers to an erotic connection to being covered in wet and/or messy materials yourself, doing so to someone else, witnessing it being done, or all of these.  WAM is a term you will often find associated with the practice of sitophilia, because many practitioners choose food items for their versatility (one can safely transition from drenching a playmates body in a bucket of chocolate sauce to engaging in oral sex or oral body worship), and also because the attraction to a particular item often involves not just how it feels, but the combination of how it feels, tastes, and smells, and of course, food items are a natural choice for the trifecta.  Most devotees of the fetish require nothing more than that the item in question is what it sounds like, wet and/or messy, but some are only turned on by the use of a particular type of food, like pie.

splosh(er):  A splosher, or someone into sploshing, is a colloquial term for those interested in the WAM fetish, and can also be used to refer to the fetish itself interchangeably with WAM.  Conventional wisdom suggests that the term splosh came before WAM, and that "splosh" originated in the U.K., whereas the term WAM is more of an American conceit.

Note that one is not necessarily into WAM or splosh simply because they like to incorporate food into their erotic fun once in a while.  There is a definite connotation between this/these fetishes and the amount of the chosen substance used.  WAM/splosh pretty directly indicates being drenched or covered in large quantities of what ever it is that arouses the object and subject.  Think dumping a five-gallon bucket of chocolate sauce on someone, rather than drizzling a bit on a lady's nipples before breast worship.

feederism:  This fetish may be encountered in sitophilic circles, though it's more peripherally than directly related because the vector for arousal is the act of feeding another or being fed for the purpose of gaining weight rather than the food itself.  However, the sensuality of eating and watching someone enjoy food, as well as selecting, preparing, and offering the food, is part of the allure for many who engage, so that does provide a connection.

This fetish should be encountered carefully, with certain limits and boundaries in place, because although many engage in it as part of  Fat Acceptance and in a fully consensual and considered way, it can lead to or exacerbate compulsive and addictive behavior, obesity, and attendant health problems (not that everyone who is fat is unhealthy), and is sometimes engaged in as part of a less than consensual situation.  Remember, safe fun and D/s etiquette requires that it involves two consenting adults, and should not seriously threaten or damage the current or long term health or physical well-being of either practitioner.

(see also stuffing, padding, and gaining)

nyotaimori:  is the Japanese term for the practice of serving sushi off of the naked body of a woman(When the "living sushi platter" is male, the term is nantamori).  While this doesn't necessarily involve the fetishization of sushi, those who are interested in being humiliated through dehumanization as in some experiences of the human furniture fetish might also be interested in serving in this capacity.  The motionlessness, depersonification, and servitude inherent in this practice is fertile ground for kink, and yet another way to play with food in an erotic manner.  Use your imagination.  *smile*  The practice of being a human food platter has been practiced by more cultures than the Japanese, and with foods other than sushi, but as far as I know, they're the only ones who have an actual name for it.

Francesco Morackini (1980-): is an (apparently kinky) Austrian designer and artist who created the first home dildo maker, designed to allow already phallic foods (popular in food play situations, as well as any situation where penetration is desired and a dildo is not readily available) to be turned into even more realistic-looking fuck tools.

melon baller:  Employing the use of a bit of an archaic term for fucking to make a play on words, I have to admit that I haven't seen this practice referred to in this way (although I have seen "melon fucker" in popular use), I've decided that this is the best term for someone who cuts a hole in a melon just big enough for their cock, hollows out a bit of the inside, and fucks it or masturbates with it like a home made fleshlight.  I'm not sure how popular this practice really is, but I think it's ingenious, and I've facilitated sessions with melon ballers more than once here at LDW.

As I said, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are the most commonly-used terms I thought might be useful for those interested in food play to know or investigate.  The grocery store just got a whole lot more interesting!

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