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How Can I Indulge My Food Fetish Fantasies On a Phone Sex Call?

by Ms. Piper of

There are a few things that are difficult to fully experience on a phone sex call. Generally, any kind of call that requires literal participation can be a little hard to pull off. Of course, a talented food fetish phone sex mistress can make your call the next best thing to being together.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Can Bring Any Story To Life

As an erotic entertainer, one of my main roles is that of storyteller. My goal is to immerse my caller in the action and make him feel as if it's really happening. This includes food fetish fantasy calls.

See, many mistresses have actually participated in scenes that involve food fetish fantasies, so we know how exciting it feels to cover you in vanilla cake batter or squashed blackberries. Some of us may have even been dipped in all kinds of sticky sexy foods, so we can describe the coldness, the smoothness, the smells, and the tastes of all those delicacies.

All you have to do is close your eyes and go to your favorite kinky food fetish happy place with your phone sex mistress.

Your Food Fetish Fantasy Phone Sex Mistress Will Watch You

Let me ask you this: do your fantasies with food involve any aspects of humiliation? Well, imagine being naked and exposed on cam while your food fantasy phone sex entertainer directs the action. You will be at her mercy, raiding the refrigerator and mixing up the perfect recipe for sexy fun!

If you were a very smart boy, you will have gone shopping before your food fetish session and purchased all of your favorites, stocking your pantry and fridge with cakes and pies, jellies and puddings. . . . Just don't forget the whipped cream, nuts, and cherries!

Double Your Food Fantasy Phone Sex Pleasure

Two mistresses are always better than one! The wonderful thing about two mistress phone sex calls is you get the benefit of experiencing the chemistry between your food fetish fantasy mistresses. Lots of us are really great friends outside of phone sex calls, and we play off one another extremely well.

What one of us doesn't think of, the other one will. Get ready to use every single sexy, sensual food in your kitchen either on yourself or (virtually) your sexy mistresses! Food fetish fantasies must be highly detailed and life-like; bringing two mistresses along for the adventure guarantees the ride of your life.

Schedule Your Food Fetish Fantasy Call Today!

If you've read this far, you're seriously thinking about calling a kinky food fetish mistress. Don't put it off any longer!

The food fantasy entertainers here are the best in the business, and we're the real deal. We promise you'll love your call, or we'll make it right. No matter what kind of food fantasies you like to indulge, we're ready and willing. You'll never forget taking a dip in our vat of food fetish fantasies.

So if you like getting wet and sticky, let's get messy together!

Sessions are per minute with a mimimum of 10 minutes. 18+ only. Block sessions are available for $150. Please see the "Sessions" section on the menu at the top of this page for more information on sessions, billing, and alternate payment methods.