Food Play is Hot and Yummy



In general, food play describes sexual arousal toward erotic situations involving food. Food play can include a wide variety of acts. Examples of food play include masturbating with lunch meat, creating dildos out of vegetables, and licking sauce off someone’s body. Food play can be enjoyed by itself, or it can be incorporated into a variety of other fetish scenarios such as body worship, guided masturbation, humiliation, and coached cum eating.

The accessibility of fresh food and food products makes food play a practice you can do anywhere. Even if you’re a frequent traveler, you can always have your favorite “toys” on hand after a quick trip to the local market. Certainly, no one will be suspicious of the pudding cup you have in your bag, and only you’ll know what it’s REALLY for!

Wet and Messy Fetish

Wet and messy fetish (also known as WAM or sploshing) is a subset of food play. While not all food players are interested in sploshing, there is considerable overlap between the two groups. Wet and messy fetish incorporates food in a much messier, stickier sense. Sploshers (those who practice sploshing) typically enjoy the tactile experience of pouring wet, messy foods all over themselves or specific areas of their bodies.

At its foundation, wet and messy fetish is all about sensory stimulation. Dipping your fingers or cock into a tub of gelatin is an experience unlike anything else. To be sure, food play and sploshing can introduce you to sensations you never before even imagined. By all means, get creative and have fun! If you can find it in your grocery store, you can find a way to have some sexy fun with it!

Adventures in Tactile Delight

Think of the terms you use to describe foods: sticky, creamy, slimy, gooey, syrupy. Now imagine each of those sensations against your naked body and throbbing cock! Do you think you’d enjoy the teasing sensation of caramel sauce dripping down your chest? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to dip your cock into a cup of smooth, creamy pudding? Sploshing is a unique way to enjoy a whole new world of food fetish sensory exploration.

Food play also makes penetration extra interesting. If you do not want to purchase a dildo (or you simply enjoy experimenting with anything phallic), there are all kinds of edible choices! Everyone knows what you can do with a cucumber, but don’t forget squash, carrots, and eggplants!

Grocery Store Shopping Humiliation

If you enjoy mixing humiliation and pleasure, consider going on a public humiliation shopping trip. Get in contact with your favorite food play Mistress, setting up a and ask for a grocery store shopping list to precede your call. With your list in hand, go to your local grocery store and begin shopping! Ordinarily, there would be nothing humiliating about shopping for dinner. However, when your shopping cart is full of phallic cucumbers and fuckable cantaloupes, the pretty girl at the register might raise an eyebrow!

Feeling hungry yet? Round up some messy, yummy treats!


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