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Playing with food in bed is something that nearly everyone has tried at one point or another. The difference between your average “player with food” and an outright “food fetishist” is simply a matter of degree. Using food as sex toys can be a messy delight.

It’s no wonder that people who have food fetish fantasies often begin living out their fantasies by turning food into sex toys. It’s something that’s easy to do by yourself. And it’s also not something that’s hard to talk your partner into doing with you, either.

Let’s talk then, about the many ways you can use food during your sexy times!

Phallic-Shaped Foods for Penetration

I’m sure everyone has heard of -if not tried- using phallic-shaped food items for masturbation. Things like bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, and so forth make excellent tools for penetration (provided they’re covered with a condom, of course). Using fruits and vegetables this way is something that’s stereotypically associated with women. But we’re certainly not the only ones who do it! Many men use food as toys for penetration as well. In fact, I’d bet that for most men, aside from perhaps their fingers, the first thing they used for that purpose was a fruit or vegetable.

Using food as penetration sex toys doesn’t have to be limited to masturbation sessions, either. It can be just as exciting (or more so!) with a partner.

Sweet, Sticky, and Oily Foods for Licking and for Lubrication

Another thing that I’m sure everyone has tried is incorporating yummy foods like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or anything along those lines into their foreplay with a partner. The only thing better than licking your partner’s bare skin is licking a yummy food off of it!

Along similar lines is the use of food items as sexy lubrication, either for masturbation or for sex with a partner. Things like butter or cooking oil make excellent lubes, especially for anal sex. (Don’t use them with condoms, though! The oil will break down the latex.) They also make nice, long-lasting lubes for masturbation, particularly if you’re indulging in some edging or guided masturbation. They last much longer than regular water-based lubes.  Consequently, you won’t have to interrupt your fun to re-apply lubricant nearly as often.

Plus, you can be more adventurous with using food as lube than simply sticking to butter and oil and the like. Squished-up banana, for example, is very slippery, as are the insides of other fruits, like peaches.

Fruit Fucking

Oh, and speaking of fruits, there are a number of things that make wonderful food sex toys, as well.  And certain fruits are among these things. I’m sure most men have imagined cutting a hole in the side of a melon and fucking it, even if they’ve never been brave enough to actually try it! And as the movie American Pie so hilariously pointed out, a warm (not hot!) pie can serve the same purpose.

Actually, one of my favorite things to have a guy do for me is to purchase a jar of natural peanut butter. You know, the kind that has to be stirred before you eat it because the oil isn’t mixed in with the rest of the peanut butter? Anyway, after he buys it and gets it home, I have him scoop out some space in the center of the peanut butter. Let some of the oil drip down into the hole. Then hold the jar still and fuck that peanut butter like his life depends on it!

What are your favorite ways to use foods for your food fantasies?


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