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Food and sex have been combined in delicious and bizarre ways throughout history. Arguably the two strongest desires a person can have, are food, and sex. And I can understand why. Certain foods can be used to simulate sex acts, and foods have been used as aphrodisiacs to get people in the mood to fuck. More importantly, food is sexy. They call it food porn on social media for a reason. I myself can say I've called a dish sexy before. So, what foods do I find sexy for food fetish fantasies? My answer might surprise you.

Freshly grilled burgers with cheese dripping down the sides, you know the gourmet burgers, I'm not talking about BK or Mickey Dees. I refer only to what I consider real food. Chocolate cake is sexy, and the only thing more delightful to my senses than a traditional chocolate cake is molten chocolate, or lava cakes, as they are sometimes called. The creamy, chocolatey center oozes out and melts in your mouth. Lobster tails dripping with butter... sexy. And since this is a food fetish site, and we're talking about food and sex, there are other foods that are perfect for the act. The act being sexual intercourse, or masturbation with food or.. while eating it.

Have you ever had someone's body intertwined with yours, they're looking intensely into your eyes, and with every thrust, in between passionate moments, they're feeding you grapes? Or chocolate-covered strawberries with fresh whipped cream. Food is erotic, and can be carefully paired with sex, if you're lucky enough to be having sex with someone, and not just your hand. However, if all you've got is your hand, I'm sure we can find a way for you to put on a good display of erotic food and masturbation art. So tell me, have you ever stroked your cock, for a Dominant woman while she instructed your every move, including what to eat, while masturbating?

Like, say, stroking while sucking on a Popsicle or drizzling chocolate syrup all over your naked body and making a mess, for Mistress. We may be venturing into sploshing territory, which is fine with me, but before I command you to call me, let me paint a perfect picture for you of me. Dripping with sauces and syrups, awaiting your talented tongue to eat and lick every inch of my body, me being the main course and dessert. So if you had the opportunity to make an Ebony Femdom chocolate sundae, what toppings are you putting on your ice cream.. and me? Or are you more of a naked sushi type of person? I'm open to it, just remember that temperature play is part of food play, too. I'm also open to other food combinations, including you being a filthy slut for me and fucking the edibles before you consume them. Whichever your preference, I'd love to hear your thoughts on food and kink. Call me so we can create a unique and naughty delicacy together.



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Sploshing: Food Fetish Fantasies and Food Play Phone Sex


I was introduced to the joys of food fetish play, known as Sploshing, by a wonderful caller who had been into it for years. Ten minutes into the session, I was a huge fan. Now I find myself bringing food into phone sex fun every chance I get.

Let’s start with Wet and Messy food fetish play. My favorite is to set a theme for the session. For instance, a session where all of the food revolves around a holiday meal, such as Christmas. I give you a list of foods to purchase for our session. Of course, I also give you leeway to pick up additional items that strike your fancy and go with the theme. Naturally, we make sure that you enjoy the foods, because I will be telling you to taste some now and then. It really is a big part of the experience, obviously.


Have Your Webcam Ready and Theme Food at Hand


When you call, you have your web cam ready and your theme food at hand. You can be fully dressed, completely naked, in panties, or perhaps just pantyhose. Why pantyhose? I will explain that shortly.

First, I like to start with the appetizers. If our theme is Christmas dinner, I have you pour some warm cream soup on your chest, rubbing it around to enjoy the full sensory experience. Then, I direct you to pour some of that soup into your panties, or pantyhose. They keep it close to your body, so you can feel it longer.

The best thing about wearing pantyhose for a Wet and Messy session is that you can basically fill them up. A pair of pantyhose can generally hold pounds of warm, sticky, smushy food. And until you take the pantyhose off, all of that delicious food is pressed firmly against your flesh.

While you sit in several pounds of food encased pantyhose, I have you dump a handful of mashed potatoes on your head. You rub it around, moaning with pleasure. This is the point where I like to have you sprinkle something on top of the food goo. The options are endless. For your Christmas session, miniature chocolate chips are great. You can see them on top of the layers of food, and they taste wonderful.

At times I will have you turn around and bend over so I can have you take a handful of cranberry relish and put it down the back of your pantyhose. This works very well on a bare ass, so do not worry if the idea of wearing pantyhose puts you off.


Sploshing: Covered in Layers of Sticky Food


I enjoy having you turn around, showing me how messy your body is. For at this point, you are coated with food. Layers of food. Warm, cold, sticky, gooey, and fantastically messy. You are rubbing your body with your hands, feeling the food squish around. By the way, your cock is completely rigid and coated with food, as well.

Dessert really is the grand finale. I get so excited when I watch you slowly, deliberately sit on a whole cake, two layers, with pretty red roses on the icing. It squishes around your fanny, and your face assumes an expression of pure, surprised bliss. A whole cream pie works really well for this, too.

Food play can be incorporated into other fetishes. Consider having a favorite food on hand for a cum eating session, or for a guided masturbation session. Why limit yourself to one fetish, when adding food play takes your fun to a whole new level?



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