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The term "food fetish" encompasses quite a few different fantasies, which is why it's one of the most common fetishes around. Almost anyone can fit under this umbrella with us. There's plenty of room!

Personally, while I can enjoy and appreciate pretty much every aspect of food fetish, my favorite way to indulge in it is with the use of food as toys. It's lucky that this is a wonderful and non-threatening way to introduce a partner to the idea of mixing food with sex. (Almost every person who likes penetration, for example, has probably tried using a cucumber or some other phallic-shaped food as a dildo.) But even though I can easily incorporate this sort of thing into my bedroom play with people who don't have this fetish, the fact remains that I do prefer to play with people who *do* share my love of food in this particular way.

Hence my presence on this website!

Like most people, I enjoy masturbation and, by extension, helping others masturbate as well. I'm good at giving masturbation instructions, and men always leave satisfied. But when I can incorporate food into my jerk-off instructions, it elevates things to a whole new level!

The aforementioned phallic-shaped foods often make an appearance in these sessions. But they're certainly not the only way we can work food into our masturbation fantasies! Things like melons, cans of Crisco, and warm (not hot!) pies--a la American Pie--can be used as male masturbation toys. Slippery food items, like vegetable oil, butter, and squished-up banana, can be used as lube. And that's just the beginning!

The sky's the limit, really, when it comes to the use of foods in sex and masturbation. I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas with you and hearing some of your own in return!



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Sploshing: Food Fetish Fantasies and Food Play Phone Sex


I was introduced to the joys of food fetish play, known as Sploshing, by a wonderful caller who had been into it for years. Ten minutes into the session, I was a huge fan. Now I find myself bringing food into phone sex fun every chance I get.

Let’s start with Wet and Messy food fetish play. My favorite is to set a theme for the session. For instance, a session where all of the food revolves around a holiday meal, such as Christmas. I give you a list of foods to purchase for our session. Of course, I also give you leeway to pick up additional items that strike your fancy and go with the theme. Naturally, we make sure that you enjoy the foods, because I will be telling you to taste some now and then. It really is a big part of the experience, obviously.


Have Your Webcam Ready and Theme Food at Hand


When you call, you have your web cam ready and your theme food at hand. You can be fully dressed, completely naked, in panties, or perhaps just pantyhose. Why pantyhose? I will explain that shortly.

First, I like to start with the appetizers. If our theme is Christmas dinner, I have you pour some warm cream soup on your chest, rubbing it around to enjoy the full sensory experience. Then, I direct you to pour some of that soup into your panties, or pantyhose. They keep it close to your body, so you can feel it longer.

The best thing about wearing pantyhose for a Wet and Messy session is that you can basically fill them up. A pair of pantyhose can generally hold pounds of warm, sticky, smushy food. And until you take the pantyhose off, all of that delicious food is pressed firmly against your flesh.

While you sit in several pounds of food encased pantyhose, I have you dump a handful of mashed potatoes on your head. You rub it around, moaning with pleasure. This is the point where I like to have you sprinkle something on top of the food goo. The options are endless. For your Christmas session, miniature chocolate chips are great. You can see them on top of the layers of food, and they taste wonderful.

At times I will have you turn around and bend over so I can have you take a handful of cranberry relish and put it down the back of your pantyhose. This works very well on a bare ass, so do not worry if the idea of wearing pantyhose puts you off.


Sploshing: Covered in Layers of Sticky Food


I enjoy having you turn around, showing me how messy your body is. For at this point, you are coated with food. Layers of food. Warm, cold, sticky, gooey, and fantastically messy. You are rubbing your body with your hands, feeling the food squish around. By the way, your cock is completely rigid and coated with food, as well.

Dessert really is the grand finale. I get so excited when I watch you slowly, deliberately sit on a whole cake, two layers, with pretty red roses on the icing. It squishes around your fanny, and your face assumes an expression of pure, surprised bliss. A whole cream pie works really well for this, too.

Food play can be incorporated into other fetishes. Consider having a favorite food on hand for a cum eating session, or for a guided masturbation session. Why limit yourself to one fetish, when adding food play takes your fun to a whole new level?



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