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Looking for something different? How about a new, adventurous way to play? I already know that sex excites you, you wouldn't be here if it didn't. But how about combining sex with something else you can't live without? I'm talking about food, of course. Maybe you've never really thought about it, or it doesn't sound sexy. But that's only because you aren't considering the possibilities! And if you don't try it at least once, you're missing out on all that it could be. Put away all of your inhibitions and consider for a moment how delicious food is. Is it so odd to incorporate it into something as erotic as sex? You can't deny that playing with food is different, but it's also a full-on sensory experience. Have you ever felt a cold strawberry tracing the shape of your body? Can you imagine the feel of it? Whether it's a warm whisper of velvety smooth or a cool shiver like a spill of cream, there's so much that can tease and tantalize. And of course, just being near certain aromas can awaken your senses. Citrus, coffee and chocolate can instantly transport you. How about a trail of something leading somewhere irresistible? Perhaps a few licks of honey or small nibbles of soft fruit will sway you. Imagine eating off the body, savoring flavors and sharing it with your partner. How erotic! Food fetish is all about indulgence, evoking memories and trying common foods new ways. No matter what the food, it can work in fantasy. What can you imagine?

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Food Fetish Fantasies: What Is Feeder Fetish?


When it comes to food fetish fantasies, what is a feeder fetish? Feeder fetish is a fetish that, for whatever reason, seems to be gaining massive popularity. Since it’s one of my favorite fetishes, I thought that a commentary on the subject would be fun.

At its simplest, feeder fetish (or feederism) is a variation of a food fetish. It involves people being turned on by gaining weight or helping someone else gain weight. People who are into feederism are called “feeders” (the ones doing the feeding) or “feedees” (the ones being fed). You may occasionally see them called “gainers” as well.

This is somewhat different from the food fetish variation of fat fetishism because it’s the gaining of weight that the people involved find hot, rather than the end result. That’s not to say that fat fetishists (also called “Fat Admirers,” or “FAs” for short) can’t also be into feeding, though. It’s not unusual for someone to have both fetishes.

For some people, this is the sort of thing that always stays in the realm of fantasy. Others may choose to make it more of a reality. When you call for feeder fetish phone sex, you can do it either way.


Feederism is a Form of Control


Of course, for lots of people (especially submissive men), feederism is about more than just gaining weight. It’s yet another way that a Mistress  controls him. She changes his diet, dictates his weight, restricts his exercise, and so on. If he gains enough weight, it can even turn into a kind of self-bondage. In extreme cases, he can no longer move normally because of the weight gain!

And then there’s the aspect that most of you submissive men love the most–the humiliation. Oh, yes, body humiliation is a very effective way for a woman to show her dominance over a man. Overweight men are just not as desirable as men who are fit.  Humiliation Mistresses aren’t afraid to tell you so…repeatedly and in words you can’t possibly misunderstand.

Imagine it: a woman tells you what to eat and what not to eat.  She makes you specific menus, which you follow to the letter. Your body is now soft and squishy.  Your are round and overlaid with a layer of fat.

You are happy. Obediently, you followed your Food Fetish Mistress’s orders. She instructed you to gain weight and you did.  In hopes of being praised for your progress, you go to her.  But instead of telling you that you did a good job, she just laughs at you and makes fun of you for getting fat.


Food Fetish Fantasies: Feeder Fetish Humiliation


As you continue to gain, your pillowy thighs and stomach make your cock appear smaller and smaller. You are now a prime candidate for small penis humiliation, even if you started with a decent-sized dick. And she will take advantage of that! Her job is complete.

When it comes to food fetish variations, feederism and feeder fetish humiliation aren’t for everyone. But for those of us who are into it, we get a huge kick out of it. So if you’ve ever been curious, or even if you’ve never heard of it before now, maybe this article gives you a little something to think about!



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